Friday 29 August 2014

Healthy Eating on the Go

If you have a busy lifestyle (and who doesn't these days!) then eating well throughout the day can be a real struggle.  When you're always on the go, out at work or away from home, finding healthy meals and snacks to buy can be a nightmare.  Even so-called healthy products often contain loads of sugar and very little in the way of natural goodness.  If you don't eat meat, eggs or dairy like me, then it is often impossible.  

So I'm delighted to tell you my next course at Bodnant Cookery School on Sunday 14th September is "Healthy Eating on the Go".  It's all about creating your own lunch box with healthy snacks and treats that are good for you and your body!  With a little forward planning, it's possible to produce delicious food to enjoy at any time of the day and be something you'll look forward to tucking into!

  Fast Food - the Natural Way

I've really enjoyed putting together the recipes for this course.  Maybe it's because I've always loved picnics!  There's something special about eating food out of doors in a lovely location so making up a packed lunch to take out on a walk is pretty normal for me.  I certainly don't want to spend hours in the kitchen though so I've got plenty of tips on making things quick and easy - and fun to make!

For me, the most important thing is to use fresh, natural ingredients that my body thrives on but that certainly doesn't mean living on fruit and a salad!  I'll be showing you some completely new ideas I've been working on as well as some of my favourite recipes that are visually appetising, deliciously energising yet require minimal preparation. Wherever you spend your day, I hope you'll never be tempted to buy an unhealthy snack again!

How to book

If you feel inspired to come along, I'd love you to join me for this brand new course.   You can book your place online at the Bodnant website or by ringing 01492 651100.  

The day starts at 11am (10.45am for a welcome drink!) and finishes at 4pm, costs £95 and, as with all my courses, you'll have lots of goodies to take home!

The Cookery School at Bodnant Welsh Foods Centre is a fabulous place with superb facilities and amazing views along the Conwy Estuary.  The courses are always lots of fun and friendly too with a small group and plenty of space to work and relax.  We make all the recipes together so, however much or little experience you have, you'll be able to enjoy the day and hopefully go away with a new confidence and enthusiasm to eat healthily!

Book online here  or phone 01492 651100. 

These are some photos from my last course in July  ...
Health on a Plate



 Hope to meet you at Bodnant very soon!

Thursday 14 August 2014

Making Healthy Eating Fun for Children


Just to let you know that this coming weekend, 16th and 17th August,  I'll be running some short cookery workshops for children.  Bodnant Welsh Foods Centre in the Conwy Valley are holding their annual Children's Food Festival with lots of events happening on both days and I'm really thrilled to be involved this year.

The focus of my 30 minute workshops, which will be in the main courtyard (under cover!) at 12 noon and 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday, is on having fun and being creative with fresh, healthy natural ingredients.   In the morning session at 12, we'll be making a simple tasty idea for lunch whilst at 2 pm, something sweeter and fruitier will be on the menu, even though absolutely no sugar or dairy will be involved!

If you know any children who love trying something new or who already enjoy helping out in the kitchen, then do bring them along.   You'll need to book their place on the workshops as numbers are limited and there will probably be a small charge (£2 I think, but do check!) 

If you just fancy coming along,  the Welsh Foods Centre is a fabulous place for a day out and is in an amazing location along the Conwy Estuary.  The Festival starts at 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday and finishes at 4pm.  Here are all the details. 

And if you are there, do come and say hello!