Fresh Ideas

Eating more fruit and vegetables is without doubt one of the best ways to keep your body in good shape. Even if growing your own isn't an option for you, you can still enjoy a healthy balanced diet by choosing wisely from the fabulous range of seasonal produce that's available.  This is what an average week's shopping looks like in the winter when I'm not picking my own from the garden.


Eating some fresh fruit is a great way to start the day. Whilst a winter breakfast for me might include oranges and grapefruits, in the summer I love slices of melon or pineapple.  I follow this with a sugar-free cereal such as shredded wheat, topped with a generous sprinkling of my date and nut granola, some sliced fresh banana, pear or cooked apple and dried fruits like apricots, dates and raisins.  

For lunch, why not make yourself a salad.  Try to vary the ingredients adding colour and texture to create interest. e.g. Finely shredded red cabbage lifts a plain salad. Strips of yellow, red or orange peppers add extra appeal. Fresh basil, mint or parsley leaves add flavour. Cooked cold new potatoes or french beans add variety. Add fruit like grapes, orange, melon, pear and apple for natural sweetness.


Most evenings, vegetables take centre stage at our table.  Especially in the summer when our home grown vegetables are at their most prolific, I'll simply cook 3 or 4 vegetables for our meal. e.g. grilled courgettes, sliced like chips, drizzled with olive oil and seasoning,  steamed spinach, new potatoes and Helda or Blue Lake french beans. Late summer, corn on the cob are harvested, boiled and served within minutes.  

Presentation is an essential part of preparing food so think about colours and textures as well as flavours. Even adding a few julienne of carrot to the plate, a sprinkling of fresh herbs or slices of exotic kiwi can make all the difference. 


There are so many delicious ways of making the most of fresh fruit and vegetables. Be daring, be adventurous, try something new or just keep it plain and simple.  Your body will love it!