Thursday 29 October 2015

Deliciously Dairy Free

 Almond Tartlets with Lemon Cream & Summer Fruits

Whilst more and more restaurants and cafes are catering for special diets, eating out can still be a "hit and miss" affair when you don't eat meat, eggs or dairy. So it's a real treat when the majority of dishes on the menu are plant based and there's even a choice of dishes to deliberate over!

This year Eric and I came across three such places on our travels and I can recommend them all. 

For me, it's a luxury to be served exciting, appetising dishes created by talented chefs and to enjoy them safe in the knowledge that they are totally animal free.  There's no doubt that being vegan and eating a plant based diet is becoming trendier each year.  When you see queues of people waiting for a table, you know the menu and more importantly the food is going to be good. 

These vegan restaurants can be a huge inspiration to us home cooks and offer proof that it's possible to eat well whatever diet you choose to eat. The days of being offered a very basic fruit salad for dessert are hopefully long gone! 

Making your own dairy free dishes at home is hugely satisfying and simple too! We made the Almond Tartlets pictured above on my last cookery course in August.  

Health on a Plate August 2015


My next course at Bodnant Cookery School is in just a few weeks so I have been preparing some equally fabulous recipes! If you think eating dairy free and egg free means missing out on luscious, creamy desserts and deliciously light cakes and pastries, this course will hopefully convince you otherwise and show that you can have your cake and eat it .... and look after your health too!  

"Deliciously Dairy Free" is on Saturday, 21 November 2015. The day starts at 10.45am with a welcome drink and ends at 4pm when you will pack up and take home all your dishes!  It costs £95 and includes all your ingredients and lunch.

You can find all the details on the Bodnant website here.

More photos from my last course ....

See you at Bodnant on the 21st!