Cookbooks are great for new ideas and here are a few that have inspired me.  

By the way, you may wonder why I'm recommending books that also include meat and dairy ingredients.  There are so few cookbooks around that are both animal free and include fish so I usually just read them for inspiration and adapt my own recipes accordingly!  

Leah Leneman       Easy Vegan Cooking

Ross Dobson          Market Vegetarian

Cornucopia at home The Cookbook

Gilli Davies           Cook Organic

Gregg Wallace      Veg the cookbook

Denis Cotter         The Cafe Paradiso Cookbook

Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Vegetarian Cookbook

Samuel and Samantha Clark     The Moro Cookbook

Sophie Grigson    Eat your Greens

Sarah Raven's     Garden Cookbook

Elizabeth David   French Provincial Cooking

Rose Elliot          Vegan Feasts

Jane Grigson's    Vegetable Book

David Scott        Simply Vegan

Sarah Kramer    La Dolce Vegan

Good Housekeeping Light and Easy

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